Working with Sensibill

Sensibill SDKs and APIs

Easily embed Sensibill’s native, white-labeled iOS and Android SDKs into your mobile banking app. Choose between the Sensibill API and the SDK API for a branded or fully customizable user interface. Our APIs follow a RESTful design pattern familiar to developers, and can use either OAuth2 or JWT standard for authentication. This configuration offers the fastest time-to-market, giving you a fully functional, secure and bank-branded experience.

The benefits of our tech

End-to-end deployments in as little as 4 months

From technical integration to governance and compliance, Sensibill's tech makes your project quick and easy. Our SDKs guarantee a faster time-to-market, while giving you control over the branding and feature sets that fit with your bank.

  • Control over your branding and feature-sets

  • Accelerated technical integration and time to market

  • Ongoing software updates at no extra cost

Don't believe how easy it is?

See all the code needed to get started

  • 1@import SensibillUI
  • 2let authenticator = PasswordAuthenticator( )
  • 3authenticator.login(accessId: "username", password: "password",
  • completion: { error in
  • 4
    if error == nil {
  • 5
    self.present(ReceiptListViewController( ), animated: true, completion: nil)
  • 6
  • 7})
How we help

Project services

As your partner, our enterprise-experienced team will be working with you at every step. From project planning all the way through to launch in market, we make it easy for you with onboarding best practices and proven implementation frameworks.

  • Fully documented APIs

    Fully documented APIs

  • Easy implementation plan

    Easy implementation plan

  • Comprehensive set of use and test cases

    Comprehensive set of use and test cases

  • Easy-to-start support process

    Easy-to-start support process

  • Thorough security documentation

    Thorough security documentation

  • and more

    and more

Ongoing support

Sensibill is live with Tier 1 banks around the world. We’re agile, responsive, and focused on delivering a resilient service that’s cost- effective for banks. You benefit from continuous improvement while we take care of all maintenance and upgrades. With HA architecture, no downtime in the event of a business interruption, and full technical support, all your customers see is a seamless experience.

  • Full technical support for escalated client inquiries
  • Metric reports for receipt volume & activity
  • Research & analysis into receipt variation
  • Testing & rollout of software upgrades
  • Dedicated services team for project support
  • Marketing playbook & support

When we met Sensibill, we felt that they demonstrated a high level of care for both the technology and the customer–and that includes the bank as well as our end users. We were very pleased with their willingness to work closely with our teams to ensure we built the best solution. - Digital Lead at RBS

Built bank tough

Security and data privacy highlights

  • Data ownership remains with your organization
  • Live with some of the world’s largest and most heavily regulated banking groups
  • Multiple layers of controls for confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data
  • Security framework based on ISO 27000
  • Annual third party security audits, including penetration testing (servers and client side SDKs)
  • Secure hosting facilities: SSAE 16-, PCI- and ISO 27001-compliant
  • No offshore data processing: facilities are located in Canada, 500KM away from each other
  • Dedicated full-time Information Security staff
  • Operational security (employee background checks, authorization levels etc.)
  • No logical access to your IT infrastructure or client banking info required
  • All system transactions encrypted in-transit and at-rest using industry standard protocols