How We Work

It’s no secret that the formula for great execution is teamwork. That’s why we believe in collaboration. Think: hackathons, company-wide retros, and tackling big problems in cross-functional teams (a.k.a crews). We also believe in transparency. Hence our flat organization, honest & open lines of communication, and ritual touch-points.

We’re united in our mission and excited to tackle big problems. Our people are empowered and encouraged to take ownership of what they’re passionate about. This way, everyone makes an impact. Successes are celebrated, and we’re constantly experimenting, learning, and iterating so that we can deliver exceptional solutions.

Join our team

We use deep learning algorithms to build for scale. We’re data-driven, and are known to pick up a stray #streetreceipt in the pursuit of data. We are conscientiousness- from the information we handle to the decisions we make as a team. And did I mention, we love pie?

Headquartered in downtown Toronto

Between scrums, demos, and slices of birthday pie, we take pride in the company we’re collectively building.

Eric D.

Eric D.

Data Research Analyst

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Favourite pie: Pecan

“I study receipt formats." Eric, a succinct and humble man, is one of our receipt masters. He analyzes the infinite variations receipts come in. Eric works closely with our R&D team, helping build and optimize training sets for our deep learning models.

What he loves about Sensibill: Working with passionate and skilled people. The opportunities to work with machine learning. The office environment, the culture, the office itself. "It’s all perks.”

Nik S.

Nik S.

iOS Software Developper

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario

Favourite pie: Salted Pork. Or Chicken.

Besides developing our iOS SDK, Nik is known around town for his superior Super Smash Bros skills. He challenges you to challenge him.

What he loves about Sensibill: "I get to work at many levels in a single day: working closely with or visiting clients, R&D work on the iOS client, sprint tickets, meeting with other teams to design a new feature or API, or helping someone diagnose an issue."

Daniel W.

Daniel W.

Client Delivery Manager

Hometown: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Favourite pie flavour: Apple

Daniel works closely with our bank partners to help them integrate our solution into their digital banking apps.

What he loves about Sensibill: "I love the openness to propose new ideas and to see them being brought to life. That I can make a difference for our partners and help them deliver a great product."

Jaclyn B.

Jaclyn B.

Operations Manger

Hometown: Mississauga, ON

Favourite pie: Strawberry Rhubarb

Jaclyn makes sure everything runs smoothly at Sensibill HQ. But for her, coming to work doesn’t feel like work. In her words, “everyone feels more like a family than just colleagues.”

What she loves about Sensibill: "I love the people I work with. I love the stage that we’re in and how excited everyone is to be a part of it. Watching everyone kind of evolve as the product evolves. The energy, the buzz. It’s an exciting time.”

Clayton E.

Clayton E.

Director of Product Development

Hometown: Scarborough, ON

Favourite pie: Pepperoni

What he loves about Sensibill: “Everyone is working towards the same goal - making Sensibill great. Coming from a huge organization with a ton of competing interests between teams for resources, it's been a massive breath of fresh air to be able to not worry about anything else but the work. It's like I got transported from The Hunger Games to The Fellowship of the Ring!”

Cat K.

Cat K.

UX Designer

Hometown: Welland, ON

Favourite pie: Peach

"I'm motivated to design the best possible solutions because these are things that I can see myself using and who doesn't want tools to make their life easier?" Cat's been here for 2 years, so she's seen the product through a lot of changes and a lot of time has been put into designing and redesigning. It's like her baby.

What she loves about Sensibill: "We have an amazing team at Sensibill. I come to work excited every day because of the people that I work with. All of whom are extremely talented. We have a great culture and we all enjoy the type of work that we're doing. I love working here."

Preetinder K.

Preetinder K.

Mobile Developer

Hometown: Punjab, India

Favourite pie: Cherry

What she loves about Sensibill: "It’s great to work with people that care about their company and putting out great work. I enjoy the sincere appreciation I receive from the team." Preetinder values the ability to work both independently & with a great team. For her, it's the team that makes Sensibill a unique place to work. She loves that we focus on results rather than hours.