Meet the team

Our Mission

We want to give time back to freelancers and small business owners, so that they can focus on the things they love. Stress-free.

Efficient receipt management is critical to the health of any business. Since 2013, we’ve been committed to building a tool that makes capturing, organizing, and retrieving receipts as painless as possible. We work with the most trusted financial institutions in the world to deliver on this promise, and ultimately, to improve the financial health of their customers.


We’re a team of technology leaders with more than one hundred years of combined experience in imagining, building, delivering, and maintaining solutions for enterprise organizations.

  • Corey Gross

    Corey Gross

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Jamie Alexander

    Jamie Alexander

    CTO & Co-Founder

  • Izabella Gabowicz

    Izabella Gabowicz


  • Jason Burke

    Jason Burke


  • Rick Hill

    Rick Hill

    Chief Architect

  • Robert Fillmore

    Robert Fillmore

    VP of EMEA

  • Tom Litwinowicz

    Tom Litwinowicz

    VP of Sales, North America

  • Pete Chapman

    Pete Chapman

    VP of Partnerships

  • Frank Jessop

    Frank Jessop

    VP of Finance

  • Eli Juni

    Eli Juni

    VP of Engineering

  • Olivia Hunt

    Olivia Hunt

    Director of Marketing

  • Daniel Wagner

    Daniel Wagner

    Director of Client Delivery