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Sensibill works with the most innovative global financial institutions to solve their customers’ pain point of managing receipts. Sensibill’s solution drives net new engagements across online and mobile banking channels, while unlocking deep purchase insights across all payment methods. Founded in 2013, the company is the market leader in extracting data from receipts using machine learning techniques. The service is fully white-labeled, designed specifically to meet bank requirements, and is live with Tier 1 financial institutions today.

Our Story

Every one of our team members has been burned by an elusive receipt. We’ve turned over garbage cans, rummaged through desks and drawers, purses and cars, all looking for our missing piece. United in our frustration, we came together to make managing paper receipts a thing of the past.

Receipts house a lot of critical information people rely on. Yet, they were the last leg of the purchase journey that had yet to see a radical transformation. Our challenge was universally relatable: how can the utility of managing receipts be delightful?

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We’re a team of technology leaders with more than one hundred years of combined experience in imagining, building, delivering, and maintaining solutions for enterprise organizations.

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