Deliver Receipts:
mobile banking’s next killer app

Sensibill makes it easy & cost-effective to expand your digital service offerings in a meaningful way

Banks: deliver the value-added
service your customers want

Everyone can relate to losing receipts, spending too much time managing expenses and reconciling statements. Bring receipt management to digital banking applications.

Engage Customers

Receipts is the most demanded new service customers want in mobile banking. Provide greater visibility into what they buy and archive their receipts for returns, taxes, warranties, and expenses. Receipts increases satisfaction and keeps your customers engaged with every purchase.

Gain Insight

Item-level data reveals your customers' true purchase behaviour. Leverage insights to contextualize offers and personalize experiences. For customers, greater visibility into transaction statements limits calls, chargebacks, and costly investigations.

Increase Revenue

Leverage cross-sell opportunities and add new billable services. Once you have receipts, spend analysis and expense workflows are powerful value-adds that layer on top.

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